Polished Stainless Steel Band Cock Rings

Polished Stainless Steel Band Cock Rings
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Polished Bands

Every cock ring lover knows that bands will never go out of style. They're a solid classic because they provide a secure and solid grip that will never be excelled by any other cock ring design. You'll want several. Choose the sizes and widths you need from our collection of Polished Stainless Steel Band Cock Rings. 

You can't go wrong. They are seamless, smooth and highly polished from the finest grade stainless steel. 

Choose from 3 widths - Narrow(6mm), Medium(10mm) or Wide(15mm) - each width is available in 5 sizes.

  • 100% solid stainless steel
  • 5mm thick (3/16 inch)
  • Available in 3 widths
  • Inside diameters from 35 to 55mm
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