Steel Cock-n-Ball Cages and Quads

Steel Cock-n-Ball Cages and Quads
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Terrific 3-ring and 4-ring cages to package your equipment for an incredibly kinky effect. 

TRIPLE CAGE: The largest ring goes around both the penis and testicles. The second ring surrounds just the testicles. Finally, the smallest ring goes around the penis shaft. Polished to a mirror finish. All edges have been buffed out for a comfortable experience. It just might become your favorite (and most stunning) fashion accesory.

The Triple Cage is available in Stainless Steel in three sizes:

  •      Medium: 32mm X 38mm X 45mm (1.25 X 1.50 X 1.75 Inches)
  •      Large: 38mm X 45mm X 51mm (1.50 X 1.75 X 2.00 Inches)
  •      Extra Large: 38mm X 45mm X 64mm (1.50 X 1.75 X 2.50 inches) - This size available only in Stainless Steel.

A Blackline Steel triple cage is also available. It's 304 stainless steel that has been beautifully anodized in a bold, black Titanium finish. This is a closeout item and is available in size Large only, and only while supplies last.

STAINLESS STEEL QUAD CAGE: Step it up a quantum notch and split your balls! The Quad has four openings. The largest is 2 stacked rings for encircling your entire cock and ball package. The second largest is 2 stacked rings for the penis shaft. The two smaller single rings are for the testicles, to maintain a firm but comfortable squeeze on each jewel, providing exquisite pleasure, and keeping you rock-solid erect.

The SS Quad is now available in 3 different sizes, for the best fit: 

The 1-3/4" Quad has two 1-3/4" rings stacked, two 1-1/4" rings stacked, and two single 1-1/4" rings.
The 2" Quad has two 2" rings stacked, two 1-1/2" rings stacked, and two single 1-1/4" rings.
The 2-1/2" Quad is for you really big guys. It has two 2-1/2" rings stacked, two 1-1/2" rings stacked, and two single 1-1/2" rings.

The Quad works for most guys, especially if your balls hang low. The Quad will definitely put them in their place. If you need a special configuration (for example, a 2" Quad with 1-1/4" shaft ring and 1-1/2" testicle rings) we can accomodate your request with a special order. Inquire by using the "Contact Us" link.

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