Custom Super-Tri Ring Cock Cage

Custom Super-Tri Ring Cock Cage

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The Super Tri Rings Cock Cage introduced a whole new dimension of excitement and stimulation to the Cock and Ball experience. And now this ultimate version of  cock cage is available in a custom configuration made to your exact specifications. It's an investment in a first-class tool that beautifully and exquisitely embraces your package with perfect style and fit for maximum pleasure, confidence and performance. 

Expertly crafted in the USA from the finest aerospace quality aluminum, with a lustrous brushed finish.  

  • Each ring is a bit over 3/8" wide for a really firm feel
  • Weighs about 2 ounces, making  it comfortable for extended wear    
  • Suit yourself with a choice of sizes in all three individual rings

Choose each of the three options from the drop down boxes. Allow a few extra days for your Custom Super Tri-Ring Cock Cage to be custom manufactured and shipped to you directly from the factory. 

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