Roots of Steel


A Texas man was browsing a local Amish supply center when he happened upon a display of steel rigging rings. He impulsively purchased a few and soon after became enamored with the world of cock rings. An eager search for more refined implements in the marketplace revealed a robust demand, but products were few and far between.

From this awareness emerged the vision of a singular source for enthusiasts of hardcore male enhancement tools. The purpose was penned, a venture was launched. And while much has evolved over the past 15 years, the original Hard Man Credo remains our primary impulse and guiding mission.

Every hard man is unique, and every hard man needs an appealing presence, a compelling performance, a pleasurable pursuit. You know who you are, you know where you're going. But finding the goods to empower you on the journey is not always easy.

Hard Man Outfitters offers premium quality products to satisfy the needs of today's unique men. Prices are reasonable, we ship worldwide, and your satisfaction is fully guaranteed. From basic to the most elegant, these are the tools to help shape and refine the unique hard man that is you. 


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