Chrome Steel Teardrop Cock Ring Donut Head/Shaft Rings
Chrome Steel Teardrop Cock RingDonut Head/Shaft Rings


An exotic ring with a pointed tip that excites and arouses as it targets the perineal region below the genitals.


Gleaming donuts in 21 configurations make the perfect head rings.



C-MAX Super Head Band Magnetic SS Cock Ring / Ball Stretcher
C-MAX Super Head BandMagnetic SS Cock Ring / Ball Stretcher


Get ready for a supremely altering tug and immediate elongation as soon as you put it on.


Stunning magnetics function as premium cock rings or stackable ball stretchers. 




SS Colosso Head Band Horseshoe Glans Head Ring
SS Colosso Head BandHorseshoe Glans Head Ring


Its solid presence, and the confidence this new band provides will keep you coming back.


Dual lateral pressure to create an exciting and pleasurable effect.




The Ergo Cock Ring Polished Stainless Steel Donut Cock Rings
The Ergo Cock RingPolished Stainless Steel Donut Cock Rings


It frames the cock and balls is such a way that your package appears larger!



A weighty ring for maximum stimulation, a stellar performance and an awesome appearance.




Classic SS Wire Head and Shaft Rings Magnetic Jumbo Donut Cock Ring
Classic SS Wire Head and Shaft RingsMagnetic Jumbo Donut Cock Ring


Essential, back-to-basic wire, available in 3 guages.


With powerful embedded magnets, this gleaming titan is the heaviest donut cock ring ever.




H2 Bomber Ball Stretcher Magna-Chute SS Ball Stretcher
H2 Bomber Ball StretcherMagna-Chute SS Ball Stretcher


An ergonomic design and a flawless finish in a massive and beautiful ball stretcher.


The ergonomic design of the incredible Magna-Chute ball stretcher makes it different from all the rest. 



Blue Wave Donut Cock Rings Magnetic SS Ball Stretcher
Blue Wave Donut Cock RingsMagnetic SS Ball Stretcher


Wear this stunning two tone attention grabber, and you'll be flashing them more than just your hot cock.


The incomparable stimulation of ball stretching is now at your fingertips with this magnificent tool.





The Prisoner Cock Ring / Ball Stretcher Heavy Elliptical Ball Stretcher
The Prisoner Cock Ring / Ball StretcherHeavy Elliptical Ball Stretcher


Cock ring or ball stretcher, it's the must have classic for all cock and ball enthusiasts.


Specifically designed to be the most effective yet comfortable ball stretching tool ever.




Glans Head Ring with Ball Stainless Steel Teardrop Cock Ring
Glans Head Ring with BallStainless Steel Teardrop Cock Ring


The classic glans head wire ring with a very stimulating 10mm pressure/pleasure ball.


One of the all-time favorite cock ring designs, with an exquisite feel against the body.





Heavy Chrome Donut Ring Custom SS Quad Cock and Ball Cage
Heavy Chrome Donut RingCustom SS Quad Cock and Ball Cage


Bright, bold and an HMO perennial favorite from day one. Every hard man wants one!

A custom made pleasure powerhouse, providing thrilling stretch and dynamic support.




Super 8 Cock Ring Brushed Aluminum Head/Shaft Rings
Super 8 Cock RingBrushed Aluminum Head/Shaft Rings


 A anatomically optimal shape that pressures your cock and balls in a whole new way.


Visually elegant, and the super light weight offers minimal interference when your penis takes on a life of its own.



Tribal Twist Glans Ring SS Curved Bliss Wand
Tribal Twist Glans RingSS Curved Bliss Wand


A majestic head ring style that pays homage to the rich tribal culture of the Celtics.


Designed to hit the spot and release the deepest orgasmic pleasures.




SS Corona Head Band Solid Brass Cock and Head Bands
SS Corona Head BandSolid Brass Cock and Head Bands


Marvel at how your head appears larger, mushrooming out from the ring's uber-slim and ultra-polished profile.


Brushed brass bands are an investment you'll enjoy and be proud to wear anytime day or night.




Black Magna-Chute Ball Stretcher Classic Stainless Steel Wire Cock Rings
Black Magna-Chute Ball StretcherClassic Stainless Steel Wire Cock Rings


The ergonomic design of the Magna-Chute stretcher makes it different from all the rest.


4 Gauges, 6 Sizes Each. CLOSEOUT:  All 5mm wires are reduced to $7.99, about half the usual price.




Custom Orbital Ball Rings Corona Eclipse Head Band
Custom Orbital Ball RingsCorona Eclipse Head Band


An HMO exclusive! Create your own ring for the perfect fit and look!


For lightweight tugs all day you can't go wrong with this super hot, wider version of the Corona.





SS Power Ball Cock Ring Cobalt Blue Steel Cock and Head Rings
SS Power Ball Cock RingCobalt Blue Steel Cock and Head Rings


A 20mm free-spinning ball applies pressure on the dorsal vein, resulting in a fuller and firmer erection.


Deep and rich blue color to grip and highlight your balls, shaft and head.




SS Horseshoe Cock Ring
SS Horseshoe Cock Ring


One of our most popular designs, unequalled in pressure, pleasure and performance.