The Screw Ball Stretcher

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By design, it's one of the most effective and comfortable stretching tools available. The clever shape makes it less likely to slip off compared to some round ball stretchers. Simply unscrew the pin located on the side, place the U shaped ring around your ball sac and carefully screw the pin back in.

You'll love the comfort and ease of the new SCREW Ball Stretcher. The rounded edges help prevent the weights from trapping any skin. It just might be a ball stretching fan's dream come true. They're stackable too.

In keeping with the rugged industrial design, we had this batch made from a rough, less-smooth metal. Each piece is carefully inspected to be sure it's free from any sharp or splintery edges, but don't expect a super polished finish compared to our other rings and stretchers. Made from solid stainless steel, in these approximate size/weights:

  • S - 20 x 34mm - 3.8 oz(108g) - 9mm wire
  • M - 24 x 40mm - 6.7 oz(190g) - 11mm wire
  • L - 28 x 51mm - 10.7 oz(304g) - 13mm wire

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