The Great Wall of Penis      

Where do you fit in? 

Doc Hardman / October 24, 2022

Penises. They're flat most of the time. You see them everywhere - at the gym, in the showers, on the nude beach. It's a bewildering array of sizes and shapes. But how many have you observed in an excited state? Sorry, photography and pornography don't count. Only when fully erect and physically present does a penis exhibit the true measure of a man - not just length and girth, but  peculiar and often beguiling features, e.g. angle, form, contour and texture. Wouldn't it be great if you could uncover how your own magnificent member stacks up against the "average" or "ideal" one?

That's why we like the Great Wall of Penis, a collection of casts of male genitals in an aroused state, by pioneering artist Jamie McCartney. He notes that, while porn is abundant, "most straight men have never seen another man's erection in the flesh and tend to be utterly fascinated by this piece. It's human nature to want to know where we fit in."

McCartney didn't use flaccid penises for his work because "it's the size of their erections that concern men more." His creation "neatly sidesteps eroticism... The juxtaposition of so many, in a pure white formation, disassociates the sculpture from the body."

Examine the sixteen casts in the Great Wall of Penis. Zoom in closely and scrutinize each one, unhurried and without shame. Look at the glans head, the corona, the frenulum, the shaft, the ball sac - and at the relative proportion of each part. Study the textures, the veins, the skin folds, the curvatures. With each cast, what aspect do you like most?

Now get hard and compare your package to the formations in the sculpture, one at a time. Do you reflect the characteristic you most admired in that particular cast? If so, congratulations! If not, with each comparison see if you can find at least one favorable attribute you have that the cast is lacking. The beauty of your hardness lies in that distinction. That's what you look for.

After completing this exercise perhaps you will exclaim, as have others, "Ah, I feel much better about mine now!" Mission accomplished. Value it as a unique and powerful phallus, but also as a sensitive and delicate instrument - one to play and be played, as you unlock the rhythms of deep gratification and immense sensual pleasure. That's the ideal erection.


Gold Apex Head Ring HMO Logo Head Ring
Gold Apex Head RingHMO Logo Head Ring


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The SNAPPER Hinged Magnetic Cock Ring Mini-Corona Glans Head Band
The SNAPPER Hinged Magnetic Cock RingMini-Corona Glans Head Band


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The new mini version of the Corona glans head ring offers a minimalist profile with classic simplicity.




Magnetic SS Ball Stretcher Stainless Steel QUAD Cock-n-Ball Cage
Magnetic SS Ball StretcherStainless Steel QUAD Cock-n-Ball Cage


The incomparable stimulation of ball stretching is now at your fingertips with this magnificent tool.


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Blue Grooves Cock Ring Head Master Ring
Blue Grooves Cock RingHead Master Ring


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Robert Mapplethorpe's ERECTION, 1979 

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