Spiked Glans Ring

Spiked Glans Ring

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This glans ring was developed for pleasure/pain lovers, but you'll find it remarkably versatile. Screw out the spikes, and you have a truly rugged looking tool for the head. To make it stable on your penis, insert the screws with the flat sides pointing to the interior. It will stay in place alright, as you feel it dig in. Ready to explore some delicious slave torture? Invert the six screws so they point inward and experience exciting pain sensations as they individually penetrate tender flesh.

Made from solid stainless steel with a total weight of around two ounces. Available with an inside diameter size of 28, 30 or 32mm. The spikes easily screw in or out by hand. An allen wrench is also included for precise adjustments as needed.



Complete review from truncated one below:

Are you man enough?

You better be ready to man up when you slide this outrageous glans ring on. It comes with a hex wrench, but the screws are easily adjusted by using your fingers…..that is until you’ve screwed them in to the point where the tips are pressing ever so tightly into your head. When the screws are tight, and you’re ready to let it hang, expect a new sensation when your rod hangs on its own because of the sheer weight of this beautiful piece of work. If you think you’re man enough for this I highly suggest you put one on. If you are not man enough for this, it will make a man out of you.

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