Sparko Glans Ring

Sparko Glans Ring

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Slip it on and watch your intimate connection with the Sparko produce a slowly evolving range of hues across the entire color spectrum from cool, deep blues to warm, vibrant yellows. If that's not sufficient to entice, gaze at the micro dots as they sparkle like stars in your own private galaxy (see bottom pic).

The Sparko is lightweight and shaped like a 15mm wide band, but with slightly convex surfaces, similar to a donut style ring. That provides a more comfortable fit just over the head, as it confidently shields the frenulum. The look is so exciting and enjoyable, you''ll want to keep it on for long.

The Sparko is available in four sizes 22, 24, 26 and 28mm. But not for long. Our initial stock is in very short supply, and once gone it will be a while before we can get more.






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