Dragon Scales Glans Ring Gold Cobra Glans Head/Shaft Ring
Dragon Scales Glans RingGold Cobra Glans Head/Shaft Ring


Engraved entirely by hand, it will make your head stand out as a true beast of legend.


Highly detailed and dramatic, the golden serpent comes alive as you uncoil.



Gold Serpent Glans Ring Dual Viper Glans Ring
Gold Serpent Glans RingDual Viper Glans Ring


Sensual and aesthetic jewelry to adorn your phallus, giving rise to its serpent power and vitality.


Dueling snake heads that dazzle, perform and enhance.



Cobra Glans Head Ring Custom Spiral Orbit Ring
Cobra Glans Head RingCustom Spiral Orbit Ring


Highly detailed and dramatic, for an exotic presence achievable with no other ring.


Only here - create your own exotic spiral ring and experience head-spinning sensations.




Gold Dragon Scales Head Ring Dragon Glans Ring
Gold Dragon Scales Head RingDragon Glans Ring


Premium glans head ring jewelry expertly detailed and engraved entirely by hand.


A unique artistic design, available in a stainless steel version, or in 24K gold plate.



King Cobra Ball Stretcher Cock Cage
King Cobra Ball Stretcher Cock Cage


A fully supported shaft and extra stretch for the balls makes for an incredible tug sensation.