Birdcage Ball Stretcher Double Ring Extreme II Ball Stretcher
Birdcage Ball StretcherDouble Ring Extreme II Ball Stretcher


As practical as it is elegant, It will elevate you to an elite class of ball stretching enthusiasts.


Delivers precise pressure and pleasure that drives you head long into ecstacy.



Heavy Elliptical Ball Stretcher Stainless Steel Separating Ball Stretchers
Heavy Elliptical Ball StretcherStainless Steel Separating Ball Stretchers


Specifically designed to be the most effective yet comfortable ball stretching tool ever.


Our separating ball stretchers can be placed around the ball sack without having to pull your balls through the opening.




The Prisoner Cock Ring / Ball Stretcher The Screw Ball Stretcher
The Prisoner Cock Ring / Ball StretcherThe Screw Ball Stretcher


Cock ring or ball stretcher, it's the must have classic for all cock and ball enthusiasts.


One of the most effective and comfortable stretching tools available.