Alien Skull Head & Shaft Rings Beaded Vibrating Urethral Sound
Alien Skull Head & Shaft RingsBeaded Vibrating Urethral Sound


Quiver from the celestial power of aliens, as eleven alien skeleton head skulls squeeze your glans.


Feel it hit all the right spots. Then turn on the vibrations and watch it rock your body!




Birdcage Ball Stretcher Cellblock 13 Viper II Thong
Birdcage Ball StretcherCellblock 13 Viper II Thong


As practical as it is elegant, It will elevate you to an elite class of ball stretching enthusiasts.


The rugged appearance and smooth style evoke feelings of masculinity and machismo.




Chain Gang Cock Cage Classic Etched Stainless Steel Cock Rings
Chain Gang Cock CageClassic Etched Stainless Steel Cock Rings


A stunning bondage look that grabs attention from any angle.


Simple elegance and distinctive metal etching. The perfect classic.




Cobalt Blue Steel Cock and Head Rings Knurled Stainless Steel Cock Ring
Cobalt Blue Steel Cock and Head RingsKnurled Stainless Steel Cock Ring


Deep and rich blue color to grip and highlight your balls, shaft and head.


Need traction? You'll find it easy to get a grip on this heavy duty stainless steel wheel.




Leather Puppy Paw Paddle Magna-Chute SS Ball Stretcher
Leather Puppy Paw PaddleMagna-Chute SS Ball Stretcher


Leave a lasting (big paw) impression no bad boy or girl can ignore.


The ergonomic design of the incredible Magna-Chute ball stretcher makes it different from all the rest. 




Magnetic Jumbo Donut Cock Ring Magnetic SS Ball Stretcher
Magnetic Jumbo Donut Cock RingMagnetic SS Ball Stretcher


With powerful embedded magnets, this gleaming titan is the heaviest donut cock ring ever.


The incomparable stimulation of ball stretching is now at your fingertips with this magnificent tool.



Quadrail Red's Leather Gates of Hell Metal
QuadrailRed's Leather Gates of Hell Metal


The ultimate power band is our heaviest ever non-magnetic cock ring.


Handcrafted in the USA from the finest leather, only a few left of this genuine classic.





Red's Leather Spiked Cock Strap SS Horseshoe Cock Ring
Red's Leather Spiked Cock StrapSS Horseshoe Cock Ring


Handcrafted in the USA from the finest leather, out of production, only a few left.


One of our most popular designs, unequalled in pressure, pleasure and performance.




The Protruder Ball Lifter Cock Strap The Screw Ball Stretcher
The Protruder Ball Lifter Cock StrapThe Screw Ball Stretcher


All in one enhancer, athletic balls supporter and comfortable cock strap.


One of the most effective and comfortable stretching tools available.




The Stepper Vibrating Urethral Sound Vibrating Mini Penis Plug
The Stepper Vibrating Urethral SoundVibrating Mini Penis Plug


Enhanced penis stimulation through powerful vibration. That's what you get with the Beaded Vibe.


A sensational, pleasure producing turbo vibrator, simple and easy to operate.