SS Elegantin Wand

SS Elegantin Wand

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Pure SS magic.  Pick an end and go straight to the source. This magnificent work of art, angled specifically for female G-spot or male prostate stimulation, is a two-fer that induces pleasure at either head.  A series of grooves on one side of the the shaft provides for additional pleasure packed sensations, or a firmer grip when needed. Smooth, and highly polished to flawless finish.

The scaled down seven inch version of the Elegantin wand is small enough to allow plenty of maneuverability, but hefty enough to push boundaries and elevate you or your partner to lofty, ecstatic levels. It's the tool you will repeatedly turn to for spirited vaginal, anal and prostate stimulation. Heat it up or cool it down for sensual variations.

  • Solid - Weighs 21 ounces!
  • Insertable length 5.25", overall length 7"
  • Bulbous heads 30mm and 35mm (about 1.2" and 1.4") 

The full size eleven inch version is ready to push the boundaries of even the size kings and queens, and it will occupy a very special place in your collection.

  • Weighs an incredible 3-1/2 pounds!
  • Insertable length 8.5", overall length 11"
  • Bulbous heads 45mm and 50mm (about 1.75" and 2") 

A customized black storage box is included with the larger Elegantin. It's the perfect place to store this lifetime investment, or a great way to present it as a special gift.






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