SS Corona Head Band

SS Corona Head Band

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You'll marvel at how this stainless steel flyweight makes your head appear larger as it mushrooms out from the ring's uber-slim 1.5mm walls and ultra-polished profile. Place it directly over the frenulum for moderated stimulation to keep you harder, longer.

Because of it's scant weight, just 7 to 11 grams in the 10mm narrow option, there's virtually no risk of fall off. It's perfect anytime day or night, or wear it all day. The Corona won't weigh you down, always allowing your shaft to respond to the moment. 

The Corona has a brightly polished finish, and it's available in 7 inside diameters 20, 22½, 25, 27½, 30, 32½ and 35mm, so you'll want more than one size, to accomodate differing situations and arousal states. Whether you plan to show, grow, or stay high and hard, reach for your Corona.

Corona Soft and Hard



The Hard Man Outfitters Corona Collection


When looking for a low-profile, lightweight band for your head or shaft, you'll find just what you need in the Corona Collection. All Corona versions have narrow 1.5mm walls, and are available in a full range of 7 sizes, so you're sure to get the perfect fit every time.

A great place to start you collection is with the original 10mm wide Corona. 

Want less coverage? Go minimal with the 6mm wide Mini-Corona 

Want more coverage? Check out the 15mm Wide Corona. 

Maximum Coverage? You're love the 20mm extra-wide Corona Eclipse.                                     

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