Shop How to Put On a Cock Ring


A cock ring is worn at the base of the genitals, encircling both the penis and the scrotum. Put it on before any significant arousal.

Start by gently pulling the scrotal skin until the testicles pop through, one at a time. Then fold the penis down through the ring, and pull it out through the cockring. Adjust the ring up snugly against your body.  

To remove, simply reverse the procedure. First gently pull the penis up and out, then the testicles.


    A very tiny bit of lube applied to the inside surfaces of the ring may help make it easier to get your cock ring on or off. Avoid using too much, as dry friction helps it stay in place.

    An easy, fun way to put on your cock ring is while soaped up in the shower. After you get out and dry off thoroughly, position it up snugly against your body and you're ready for your next cycle of cock ring excitement.



    Images courtesy of The Cock Ring Buddha.

    Thank you CRB, for the expert demonstrations and imagery. Wherever you are, however you are, may all go well for you until the happiest of all endings.