Nipple Trainers and Stimulators

Nipple Trainers and Stimulators

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Three distinctive nipple tools, one for training the pierced nipple, and two more for pleasurable stimulation of all nipples, pierced and unpierced. Both male and female nipples will respond. From left to right in the picture: 

The Pierced Nipple Whirl is a unique 2-piece device designed to extend and train. The barbell passes through both the pierced nipple and the whirl. Simply turning the whirl will locate the barbell higher, thus lengthening and extending the nipple. Crafted entirely from high quality stainless steel. Available individually or as a set of 2. 

The Adjustable Nipple Clamps are spring loaded and have vinyl coated comfort tips. Easily turn the screw to achieve the precise amount of pleasurable pressure you desire. The clamps are attached with a foot-long chain, and all the metal is lightweight chrome plated steel.

 The Nipple Suction Cups are made from heavy yellow rubber, powerful enough to deliver, from a gentle tease all the way to a thunderous suction. A genuine heavy black leather storage pouch with leather cord is included with the purchase. out of stock

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