Biohazard Glans Ring Blue Grooves Cock Ring
Biohazard Glans RingBlue Grooves Cock Ring


Slip on this toxic temptor to showcase your radioactive dick.


Deep grooves allow for easy handling and give this band style cock ring an elegant, easy-on-the-eyes appearance.



Flexi Sperm Stopper Gold LOTR Glans Ring
Flexi Sperm StopperGold LOTR Glans Ring


Comfortable but truly exciting to wear as it delays release for an intense orgasmic finale.


With the ONE RING inscription etched all the way around, could this be THE precious glans ring?



HEAVY Horseshoe Cock Ring The Bevel Glans Head Ring
HEAVY Horseshoe Cock RingThe Bevel Glans Head Ring


Grab the NEW HORSE by the balls, put it on and prepare for some superior hard man hump.


A truly impressive and stylish head ring, destined to be one of your new heavy head favorites.




Ultra Mag Hinged Cock Ring Gold Serpent Glans Ring
Ultra Mag Hinged Cock RingGold Serpent Glans Ring


It's a stainless steel beast! The unique design features a stylish hinge mechanism and strong magnetic clasp.


Sensual and aesthetic jewelry to adorn your phallus, giving rise to its serpent power and vitality.



Greek Key Cock Ring HMO Logo Head Ring
Greek Key Cock RingHMO Logo Head Ring


The impressive show will be exceeded only by your slow, ecstatic release as you undulate and meander like a valiant Greek god.


The ring for the Hard Man who appreciates his unique appeal, pursuit of pleasure and power to reach his highest potential. 



Birdcage Ball Stretcher The Vertex Aluminum Butt Plug
Birdcage Ball StretcherThe Vertex Aluminum Butt Plug


As practical as it is elegant, It will elevate you to an elite class of ball stretching enthusiasts.


The smooth taper makes it easy to use while providing intense, targeted stimulation.



Hexa Glans Head Ring Sparko Glans Ring
Hexa Glans Head RingSparko Glans Ring


Hexagonal shape, smooth edges and a strategically placed 10mm pressure ball.


Watch it sparkle and produce a slowly evolving range of hues across the entire color spectrum.




Handmade Brass Tribal Glans Rings Chromatic Wire Cock Ring
Handmade Brass Tribal Glans RingsChromatic Wire Cock Ring


Entrirely hand crafted, super wide, tribal rings. Only a few available.


A unique creation and a mesmerizing display of color hues all around the rainbow.




Blue Wave Donut Cock Rings Beaded Vibrating Urethral Sound
Blue Wave Donut Cock RingsBeaded Vibrating Urethral Sound


Wear this stunning two tone attention grabber, and you'll be flashing them more than just your hot cock.


Feel it hit all the right spots. Then turn on the vibrations and watch it rock your body!




Heavy Elliptical Ball Stretcher Hegar Urethral Sounds
Heavy Elliptical Ball StretcherHegar Urethral Sounds


Specifically designed to be the most effective yet comfortable ball stretching tool ever.


Embark on the exciting adventure of sounding and urethral pentration with these double end dilators



High Polish MEGA Bands H2 Bomber Ball Stretcher
High Polish MEGA BandsH2 Bomber Ball Stretcher


As smooth as it gets, a good show, always in style and just the right weight.


An ergonomic design and a flawless finish in a massive and beautiful ball stretcher.



SS Eclipse Head Band The Prisoner Cock Ring / Ball Stretcher
SS Eclipse Head BandThe Prisoner Cock Ring / Ball Stretcher


For lightweight tugs all day you can't go wrong with this super hot, wider version of the Corona.



Cock ring or ball stretcher, it's the must have classic for all cock and ball enthusiasts.




The Stepper Vibrating Urethral Sound Tribal Twist Glans Ring
The Stepper Vibrating Urethral SoundTribal Twist Glans Ring


Enhanced penis stimulation through powerful vibration. That's what you get with the Beaded Vibe.


A majestic head ring style that pays homage to the rich tribal culture of the Celtics.




Vibrating Mini Penis Plug Super 8 Cock Ring
Vibrating Mini Penis PlugSuper 8 Cock Ring


A sensational, pleasure producing turbo vibrator, simple and easy to operate.


 A anatomically optimal shape that pressures your cock and balls in a whole new way.




The Screw Ball Stretcher Cellblock 13 Viper II Thong
The Screw Ball StretcherCellblock 13 Viper II Thong


One of the most effective and comfortable stretching tools available.


The rugged appearance and smooth style evoke feelings of masculinity and machismo.





Chain Link Head Ring Double Ring Extreme II Ball Stretcher
Chain Link Head RingDouble Ring Extreme II Ball Stretcher


Its industrial engine finish will turn your whole shaft into a raging machine.


Delivers precise pressure and pleasure that drives you head long into ecstacy.




Gold Dragon Scales Head Ring Heavy Tire Head Ring
Gold Dragon Scales Head RingHeavy Tire Head Ring


Premium glans head ring jewelry expertly detailed and engraved entirely by hand.


An industrial heavy weight to keep you on track for a super strong tug and extra traction!



Black Brutal Chastity Cock Cage The Ergo Cock Ring
Black Brutal Chastity Cock CageThe Ergo Cock Ring


It's a work of art - a beautiful, extremely heavy duty male chastity cock cage.


It frames the cock and balls is such a way that your package appears larger!




Ultra 60 Aluminum Cock Cage Single & Double Magnum Donut Cock Rings
Ultra 60 Aluminum Cock CageSingle & Double Magnum Donut Cock Rings


A double chubby presence you can't ignore, in a comfortable lightweight design.


Comfort and convenience in a donut style, with an elegant brushed or polished steel finish.