Cellblock 13 Viper II Thong Deluxe Leather Jockstrap
Cellblock 13 Viper II ThongDeluxe Leather Jockstrap


The rugged appearance and smooth style evoke feelings of masculinity and machismo.


Heavy black leather with dual stripes and a full front zip fly.




The Protruder Ball Lifter Cock Strap Patent Leather Chain Leash
The Protruder Ball Lifter Cock StrapPatent Leather Chain Leash


All in one enhancer, athletic balls supporter and comfortable cock strap.


Take control with 30 inches of heavy chrome steel links and a patent leather open handle.




Stainless Steel Nipple Clamps Nipple Trainers and Stimulators
Stainless Steel Nipple ClampsNipple Trainers and Stimulators


This hot device is not just a titty tormenter. Use it anywhere to induce pain/pleasure.

Three distinctive nipple tools, one for training the pierced nipple, and two more for pleasurable stimulation of all nipples, pierced and unpierced. Both male and female nipples will respond. From left to right in the picture: The Pierced Nipple...