Magnetic SS Ball Stretcher

Magnetic SS Ball Stretcher
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Magnetic SS Ball Stretcher

The incomparable stimulation of ball stretching is now at your fingertips with the new Magnetic Stainless Steel Ball Stretcher. Whether new or experienced, you'll find it fast and easy to put on and take off, with no hassle and no tools required.

Made from solid stainless steel and embedded with super strong magnets, this magnificent tool looks and feels amazing as it stretches and elongates your scrotum, creating awesome sensations and pleasurable aesthetics when you hang out, swing, move around and... especially when you sexually engage.

The magnets are strong. Carefully avoid pinching your skin when putting it on. Take care of your tool by not allowing the magnets to come in contact with water or other cleaning agents. Use only plain alcohol for cleaning. Use the precautions you normally would with any magnetic device, keeping it away from credit cards, watches, etc.

  • Solid polished stainless steel
  • Inside diameter 35mm (1.37 in.)
  • Choose you size by height and approximate weight: 
    • 14mm -  6.75 ounces (190 grams)
    • 20mm - 10 ounces (280 grams)
    • 30mm - 15 ounces (425 grams)
    • 40mm - 20 ounces (570 grams)

For additional weight and stretch, Magnetic SS Stretchers can be added, as shown. Each would add 15mm height and 7 to 9 ounces of weight. They are available in several inside diameters.

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