A magnetic cock ring features either a hinge or a unique detachable segment held in place by strong embedded magnets. This provides an easy way to put it on, as well as a speedy release. It also eliminates the "what if I can't get it off?" concern.

The new Snapper is a solid first choice. The popular Magnetic C-Ring/Stretcher is an amazing beauty. The Magnetic Jumbo and the Ultra-Mag Hinged are among the heaviest rings available, and recommended for experienced users.

While stainless steel is maintenance free, remember that the magnetic components are susceptible to corrosion and rust. It is recommended that you clean your rings with alcohol, and dry them thoroughly if exposed to water or perspiration.

Magnetic SS Cock Ring / Ball Stretcher The SNAPPER Hinged Magnetic Cock Ring
Magnetic SS Cock Ring / Ball StretcherThe SNAPPER Hinged Magnetic Cock Ring


Stunning magnetics function as premium cock rings or stackable ball stretchers. 


Get in, get off, get out. You'll never get trapped in the Snapper. An uncomplicated and truly ingenious cock ring design.




Ultra Mag Hinged Cock Ring Magnetic Jumbo Donut Cock Ring
Ultra Mag Hinged Cock RingMagnetic Jumbo Donut Cock Ring


It's a stainless steel beast! The unique design features a stylish hinge mechanism and strong magnetic clasp.


With powerful embedded magnets, this gleaming titan is the heaviest donut cock ring ever.