A magnetic ball stretcher has a unique detachable segment held in place by strong embedded magnets. This feature provides an easy way to put it on, and a speedy release. Stacking additional magnetic stretchers on the scrotum becomes an easy transition during a stretching session. 

You can also choose an inside diameter smaller than what your balls can pass through. This makes for a more secure and comfortable fit than a non-segmented stretcher, and eliminates any concern about it slipping off. To learn more about ball stretching visit our ball stretchers page.

Magna-Chute SS Ball Stretcher Magnetic Oval Ball Stretcher
Magna-Chute SS Ball StretcherMagnetic Oval Ball Stretcher


The ergonomic design of the incredible Magna-Chute ball stretcher makes it different from all the rest. 


Your eyes will be rolling while your balls are swinging when this brushed beauty hangs on your scrotum.




Magnetic SS Cock Ring / Ball Stretcher H2 Bomber Ball Stretcher
Magnetic SS Cock Ring / Ball StretcherH2 Bomber Ball Stretcher


Stunning magnetics function as premium cock rings or stackable ball stretchers. 


An ergonomic design and a flawless finish in a massive and beautiful ball stretcher.




Magnetic SS Ball Stretcher Black Magna-Chute Ball Stretcher
Magnetic SS Ball StretcherBlack Magna-Chute Ball Stretcher


The incomparable stimulation of ball stretching is now at your fingertips with this magnificent tool.


The ergonomic design of the Magna-Chute stretcher makes it different from all the rest.