LOTR Glans Ring

LOTR Glans Ring
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LOTR Glans Ring

With the ONE RING inscription etched in black all the way around, this is the one glans ring you might get really attached to. Get one for yourself and/or give one to a friend, see what happens. Tolkien fan or not, you know you gotta have this. 

Is it possible Gollum spent decades wandering around middle earth wearing a powerful magic artifact as a cock ring? And possibly fulfilling some unique kink or fetish? Well, he was unseen, so who knows. Precious indeed, but it won't make you invisible... or will it? 

Made from surgical grade solid stainless steel, in a mirror-finish donut style, 15mm wide, in 3 diameters. The nearly 2 ounce weight provides a nice tug.

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Price $32.95

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