Beaded Vibrating Urethral Sound Gates of Hell 2 Solid Penis Plug Wand
Beaded Vibrating Urethral SoundGates of Hell 2 Solid Penis Plug Wand


Feel it hit all the right spots. Then turn on the vibrations and watch it rock your body!


Combining the stimulation of urethral penetration with the exquisite pleasure of cock bondage.




Flexi Sperm Stopper The Vertex Aluminum Butt Plug
Flexi Sperm StopperThe Vertex Aluminum Butt Plug


Comfortable but truly exciting to wear as it delays release for an intense orgasmic finale.


The smooth taper makes it easy to use while providing intense, targeted stimulation.



Hegar Urethral Sounds SS Curved Bliss Wand
Hegar Urethral SoundsSS Curved Bliss Wand


Embark on the exciting adventure of sounding and urethral pentration with these double end dilators


Designed to hit the spot and release the deepest orgasmic pleasures.



The Stepper Vibrating Urethral Sound Vibrating Mini Penis Plug
The Stepper Vibrating Urethral SoundVibrating Mini Penis Plug


Enhanced penis stimulation through powerful vibration. That's what you get with the Beaded Vibe.


A sensational, pleasure producing turbo vibrator, simple and easy to operate.




SS Sperm Stopper Combo Cock Ring with Anal Intruder Plug
SS Sperm StopperCombo Cock Ring with Anal Intruder Plug


With this beautiful enhancement for the head, release is delayed, and orgasmic pleasure magnified.

Combines the best of both worlds into a single, dynamic double-pleasure tool.



imagekkk SS Heavy Butt Plug
Prostate Anal Fun PlugSS Heavy Butt Plug


 Go straight to the pleasure source and take control with the best prostate massager.


 Feel the impressive weight and stimulation of surgical quality, heavy duty 100% solid stainless steel.



SS Elegantin Wand SS Butt Play Plug
SS Elegantin WandSS Butt Play Plug


A magnificent work of art, a magical two-fer that induces pleasure at either head.


Just the right size and shape for spirited use.



SS Multi-Fun Wand SS Hollow Mini Penis Plug
SS Multi-Fun WandSS Hollow Mini Penis Plug


A true pleasure probe, superb for G-spot or prostate stimulation and tugging.


Its tapered shape and hollow body makes it suitable for extended wear.



SS Bullet Penis Plug Gates of Hell Hollow Penis Plug Wand
SS Bullet Penis PlugGates of Hell Hollow Penis Plug Wand


A ring that fits over the coronal head makes a very compelling hold.


The exotic sensation of urethral penetration with the exquisite pleasure of cock bondage.



SS Hollow Penis Wand
SS Hollow Penis Wand


Available in two sizes, designed with a hollow body all the way through.