Shop Head/Shaft Rings


Designed to fit just over the corona of the glans penis, head rings are the epitome of exotic fun, form and functionality. They enlarge, enhance, and energize. Wear a ring to create compelling visuals, expedite an erection, restrain a climax, elongate your shaft or produce pleasurable hugs and tugs all day long. Head rings do it all. Dive into one or more of our exemplary collections and discover the tools to perfectly delight and excite your eagerly awaiting head.


    Even if you're otherwise satisfied with the quality of your erections, a glans ring can elevate your sexual experience by making the head more engorged and sensitive to touch. By constricting blood flow, a head ring makes the glans larger, firmer and more receptive to stimulation.     

    The Sweet Spott

    On the underneath side of the penis where the glans head and penile shaft meet, is a super sensitive area known as the frenulum. Our wire glans rings with balls or pressure points are designed to target and energize this region, producing exquisite sensations that often lead to an orgasm sublime.

    A nearly opposite effect is achieved when wearing a broader, band style ring. It effectively shields the frenulum from stimulation, allowing you to extend your session, delay ejaculation and enjoy your erection longer.  

    An Appealing Presence

    A head ring has a strong visual impact. From simple but elegant classic wires to bold and dramatic designer bands, your ring can be a valuable asset to empower self-expression, boost self-confidence and garner admiration from every point of view.

    A Heavy Hang

    Elongation is within your reach, as we have the heaviest head rings on the planet, in sizes to fit every hard man's head. Generate pleasurable traction, or train and lengthen the penis to reach your desired goal. For the ultimate hang, stack additional heavy bands or donuts on the shaft and take it to the limit.

    A Rapid Rise

    For a lesser load, or to be primed for a less restrained erection, flyweight steel and lightweight aluminum bands are your head's best friend.