Head Master Ring

Head Master Ring

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Are you ready for the ultimate? Although it's identical in finish and design to our C-Max Super Head Band (and stacks with them perfectly), the Head Master is 50% larger in both height and weight.

Imagine the stretch your shaft will receive with massive hardware hanging above your glans head! This much weight with a singlular HMO piece willl swing and sway your cock alright. It will also open your hanging adventures to the comfort and convenience of more graduating options. For example, if you're not yet ready for two full C-Max's, use one Head Master instead.

It's an eyeful too, as the extra width really shows off the beauty of brushed stainless steel. Like the Colosso and C-Max, it's machined with a squared interior, to help hold it in place. If needed you can use one or more black nitrile or orange silicone retainer rings above the corona for added security.

The Head Master is 30mm high, with 7mm thick walls, and sized from 20mm to 35mm in 2½ mm increments. Weighs from 140 grams to 220 grams (around 5 to 8 ounces!). Available exclusively at HM Outfitters.

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