It doesn't have to be old to be a classic. My exclusive Donut Head/Shaft Rings became our signature classic when we introduced them five years ago.

Whether you choose a time-honored traditional style or one of our exclusive new designs,  you are assured that every tool in the Hard Man Classics Collection meets our highest standard of quality, design and functionality.

Doc Hardman 



                   Hard Men - Heavy Metal

               The HMO Classics Collection

Donut Head/Shaft Rings Polished Stainless Steel Donut Cock Rings
Donut Head/Shaft RingsPolished Stainless Steel Donut Cock Rings


Gleaming donuts in 21 configurations make the perfect head rings.


A weighty ring for maximum stimulation, a stellar performance and an awesome appearance.




Cool and Knurly Stainless Steel Cock Ring C-MAX Super Head Band
Cool and Knurly Stainless Steel Cock RingC-MAX Super Head Band


Ten perfectly drilled holes allow air pathways to keep you cool and in control.


Get ready for a supremely altering tug and immediate elongation as soon as you put it on.




SS Colosso Head Band Polished Stainless Steel Band Cock Rings
SS Colosso Head BandPolished Stainless Steel Band Cock Rings


Its solid presence, and the confidence this new band provides will keep you coming back.


A classic that provides a secure and solid grip unequalled by any other design.




Custom Orbital Ball Rings Classic Stainless Steel Wire Cock Rings
Custom Orbital Ball RingsClassic Stainless Steel Wire Cock Rings


An HMO exclusive! Create your own ring for the perfect fit and look!


Thickness 4mm, 5mm, 8mm or 10mm. CLOSEOUT:  All 5mm wires are reduced to $7.99, about half the usual price.




Steel Teardrop Cock Rings Custom Spiral Orbit Ring
Steel Teardrop Cock RingsCustom Spiral Orbit Ring


One of the all-time favorite cock ring designs, with an exquisite feel against the body.


Only here - create your own exotic spiral ring and experience head-spinning sensations.



SS Curved Bliss Wand Combo Cock Ring with Anal Intruder Plug
SS Curved Bliss WandCombo Cock Ring with Anal Intruder Plug


Designed to hit the spot and release the deepest orgasmic pleasures.

Combines the best of both worlds into a single, dynamic double-pleasure tool.



SS Horseshoe Cock Ring Horseshoe Glans Head Ring
SS Horseshoe Cock RingHorseshoe Glans Head Ring


One of our most popular designs, unequalled in pressure, pleasure and performance.


Dual lateral pressure to create an exciting and pleasurable effect.






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