HMO Logo Head Ring

HMO Logo Head Ring

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Only a man of distinction wears the Hard Man logo. That's the man who appreciates a pleasurable pursuit, knows the power of his unique appeal, and always reaches for his highest potential.

On this special HMO band, we use a special metal corrosion process to etch the black symbol into the highly polished finish. All edges are machined smooth for a comfortable experience, but slighly less so on the inside edges. This allows for a secure fit and confident hold. Approximately 2 ounces (54-62grams) of weight produces a pleasurable tug. Sizes 26, 28 or 30mm.

Be among the first to own the head band that's bound to be legend - and an intimate reminder of your elite Hard Man status. This is a limited edition, and each proud owner will have a signed and numbered certificate sent to them later.

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