H2 Bomber Ball Stretcher

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Hold it in your palm. Admire the ergonomic design and flawless finish of the massive H2 Bomber. The efficient oval shape assures you the maximum weight relative to its height. Feel the impressive stength of the magnets as you pull out the lesser segment.

Insert your scrotum inside, carefully align the pieces to avoid pinching, and listen for the defining snap. Alone or with your partner, you're in for a stimulating ride as the H2 stretches your scrotum and tugs your testicles while they swing and jiggle.

Our exclusive H2 Bomber ball stretcher is 100% beautiful and solid stainless steel. It's available in 3 variants, each with the same 35mm inside diameter.

    • Small is 20mm high, about 15 ounces (420g)
    • Medium is 30mm high, about 22 ounces (620g)
    • Large is 40mm high, about 30 ounces (845g) 

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