Greek Key Glans Head Ring

Greek Key Glans Head Ring

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Update:  We're closing out our remaining stock at half price. Note that the engraving may not be uniform in size around the ring, and on some the difference may be quite significant. These are less than perfect rings. All sales are final and not returnable or refundable.

An unbroken, interlocking motif is deeply etched in black into the smooth, brushed stainless steel. In ancient Greece, a repeating key pattern signifies infinity, unity and the perpetual flow of life.

Empower your head with a classic Greek design, superior taste, and a token of your never ending virility. The impressive show will be exceeded only if you wear it with the matching Greek Key cock ring.

Sizes 25, 27.5 and 30mm. A perfectly solid 50 to 60 grams, for a feel-good tug to accompany your sophisticated style. Available only here.

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