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$25 Rewards available - plus one $500 Reward

If you love your new HMO ring, here's a chance to show it off and get rewarded too!

We're looking for photographs for our new gallery. Take a shot of yourself or a friend for consideration. Photos can show a cock ring, head ring, shaft ring, ball stretcher or any combination of two or more.

Include a brief note stating which of our products are being worn, and how you use it or why you like it, and send in an email to:


Send as many photos as you wish. For each one we publish you will receive a $25 HMO store credit. All winners will be eligible for the Best Pic of the Year $500 Reward.

New: Visit our Photography page for helpful hints on taking a great photo.

Do not submit photos of anyone under the age of 18, or anyone who did not give their permission. All submissions become the property of Hard Man Outfitters and may be published or used for marketing and promotional purposes.

"Sent in a quick pic, got rewarded immediately. Can't

believe it, I'm hanging in the Hard Man Gallery!" - JB, Reward Winner

Greek Key Cock Ring HMO Logo Head Ring
Greek Key Cock RingHMO Logo Head Ring


The impressive show will be exceeded only by your slow, ecstatic release as you undulate and meander like a valiant Greek god.


The head band for the Hard Man who appreciates pleasure and appeal, and always reaches for his highest potential. 





Ancient Greek athlete preparing to throw the diskos



Dressing room in the Greek gymnasium where athletes have their bodies anointed with olive oil