HMO Gallery Reward Winners

"I'm impressed with how polished they are and how easy they are to get on." - HMO customer wearing a stack of 3 magnetic CRB Stretchers, along with one C-MAX  head band and 2 Nitrile retainer rings


The Ergo 

"...the curves and contour make for a great feel and show." - D.E. in IA 


Stainless Steel Donut Ring

"A must have for anyone... my day often starts with this on." - M.C. in B.C. 


Prisoner Ball Stretcher and Donut Head Ring 

"They never fall off... love to wear them free-balling..." - M.D. in VA 

The Prisoner Cock Ring / Ball Stretcher Donut Head/Shaft Rings
The Prisoner Cock Ring / Ball StretcherDonut Head/Shaft Rings


Cock ring or ball stretcher, it's the must have classic for all cock and ball enthusiasts.


Gleaming donuts in 21 configurations make the perfect head rings.






Classic SS Wire Cock Ring

"...found the perfect HMO complement for my cock and Lucky Brand jeans. Thanks!" - J.B. in TX  



 HMO's Magnetic CR Ball Stretchers

"... a morning stretch to start my day." - S.J. in L.A.  



Magnetic SS Ball Stretcher - 30mm

"...purchased a few magnetic ball stretchers... can't stop wearing them!" - S.J. in LA


Tribal Twist Glans Ring

" how it looks with my PA. Wear them both all the time." - G.P. in NE



Magnetic SS Ball Stretcher - 40mm

""The swing and hang of my balls... is amazing" - L.B. In N.B.