GALAXY Head and Shaft Donut Rings
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GALAXY Head and Shaft Donut Rings

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The GALAXY Head and Shaft Ring Collection

Wear them separately. Or stack all three, either touching together or spaced apart, and watch your shaft shine with all the lights of the Galaxy. These stainless steel donuts are 15 mm (medium) width and each of the 3 sizes has a mirror-bright ultra-polished finish and a black, deeply etched symbol of:

  • The Sun     -  30 mm, 48 grams
  • The Moon  -  28 mm, 46 grams
  • The Stars   -  26 mm, 44 grams

Weights are approximate, enough for a moderate tug, and if you stack 'em all you'll have a noticeable triple tug totaling nearly 5 ounces. That'll keep your member heavy, plump and elongated.

Each style/size also has a different, smaller symbol of the Sun, Moon or Stars etched on the opposite side of the ring. So whenever you want a more subdued sign to show up front, just turn the ring around.

Choose any one to start your collection, or take advantage of our special introductory discount price for the three ring set.

Our initial inventory is limited, and they are expected to sell out quickly.

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