GALAXY Head and Shaft Donut Rings
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GALAXY Head and Shaft Donut Rings

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Watch your shaft shine with all the lights of the Galaxy. These ultra-polished stainless steel donuts are 15 mm wide and each of the 3 sizes has a black, deeply etched symbol of: 

  • The Sun     -  30 mm, 48 grams
  • The Moon  -  28 mm, 46 grams
  • The Stars   -  26 mm, 44 grams

Wear them separately. Each is enough for a moderate tug, Or stack all three and you'll have a triple tug totaling nearly 5 ounces. That will keep your member heavy, plump and elongated. 

When you want a more subdued sign up front, turn the ring around. Each style/size has a different, smaller symbol of the Sun, Moon or Stars etched on the opposite side of the ring. Choose any one to start your collection, or take the three ring set at a special discounted price.




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