How to Measure for a Cock Ring, Head Ring, or Ball Stretcher


It's Important! 

Proper fit is critical. If you aren't sure what size is best for you, take the time to measure and calculate.

First, measure to determine your cock ring size. Here's how, in 3 easy steps:



1. Prepare

A tailor's measuring tape is ideal. If you have none, you will do fine with a string or ribbon at least one foot long, a ruler and a marking pen. Now, make yourself erect.

2. Measure

You can measure in inches, centimeters or millimeters.

If using a tailor's tape, simply encircle it from under your balls up and around the top of the penis. Pull the tape until you have a very snug fit, but not an uncomfortable choke. Note the measurement.

If using a string, encircle it the same way. Pull the ends to get a really snug fit. Mark the string on both sides where they meet. Remove the string and measure between the marks.

A more accurate measurement is sometimes taken when flaccid, so take several readings in varied states of soft, hard and semi-erect. [continued below]

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To know if you're pulling the tape/string tightly enough, use the One Finger Rules:

• When SOFT you should be able to JUST fit one finger under the string.

• When HARD you should NOT be able to fit even one finger under the string.

If your soft and hard readings are the same that's great. If not, average the readings for your measurement, or use the larger of the two.


3. Use the Calculator:


Measure for a Glans Head/Shaft Ring

First,  measure around the penis, just over the glans head. Then, around the penis at the base, as shown here. Also measure anywhere on the shaft you might wear it. Use the calculator for each measurement. 

Some men are good with just one ring size for both flaccid and erect. But it's good to have two or more sizes, and choose which to wear depending on your anticipated arousal state, and where it will be placed on the shaft.

Inside diameters 7/8 to 1-3/8 inch (20mm to 35mm) are the most popular sizes.


Measure for a Ball Stretcher

When your testicles are warm and relaxed (after a warm shower is a good time), grab and pull them down as much as you can. Measure around the scrotal sac above the balls. Then use the calculator.

Most sizes fall between 30 and 40mm. 35mm is the standard for many manufacturers, and 40mm is also common.


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