Dual Viper Glans Ring

Dual Viper Glans Ring

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The Viper packs a big punch, with dueling snake heads that dazzle and perform. The charming visuals are enhanced by two sparkling, embedded gemstone eyes and a single large crown in a contrasting color.

Wear it with the heads up top. Or with the heads on the lower side of the penis for lateral pressure on the frenulum. Snake bites never felt so good.

Weighing in at one half ounce, if offers a solid presence and comfortable fit that's perfect for extended wear. You'll feel confident wearing it, and exhilarated when a swell unfolds.

It's crafted of 316L surgical stainless steel with a 3.5mm wire thickness. Each snake head is about 9mm maximum width. Four sizes available.

  • 26mm has emerald green eyes with a ruby red crown.
  • 28mm has sapphire blue eyes with an emerald green crown.
  • 30mm and 32mm have ruby red eyes with a sapphire blue crown.
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