Double Ring Extreme II Ball Stretcher

Double Ring Extreme II Ball Stretcher

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Our NEW version is twice as heavy!

The all-in-one Double Ring Extreme was designed for intense ball stretching using its own weight plus two heavy rings and a single adjustment screw. There's never before been a ball stretcher with such precision.

It's easy to use. Swing open the two hinged rings, place the sides around the scrotum and secure each with its built-in screw. No tools are required. Then slowly hand turn the knurled screw at the bottom and feel your balls descend as the rings separate. Take it as far as you you're willing to go, whether it's a fun solo session or a heavy ball torturing episode.

Crafted from solid stainless steel, our new heavier version has two 15mm flat rings with inside diameters 32mm, and the device overall is about 160mm long and weighs 850 grams (30 oz.). Wow, that's twice as heavy as our original version! The inherent heavy weight of the DR Sretcher, along with its precision adjustment control feature, will deliver the intense pressure and pleasure that drives you head long into ecstacy.

Comes in a custom black box for presentation or storage.

The original version shown for illustration purposes only:



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