Big Dipper Donut Glans Ring Donut Head/Shaft Rings
Big Dipper Donut Glans RingDonut Head/Shaft Rings


An artistic creation that's perfect for star gazing and night watching. And it's super comfortable for extended wear.


Gleaming donuts in 21 configurations make the perfect head rings.



GALAXY Head and Shaft Donut Rings Gold LOTR Glans Ring
GALAXY Head and Shaft Donut RingsGold LOTR Glans Ring


Ultra-polished stainless steel donuts make your shaft shine with all the lights of the galaxy.


With the ONE RING inscription etched all the way around, could this be THE precious glans ring?




The Bevel Glans Head Ring Sparko Glans Ring
The Bevel Glans Head RingSparko Glans Ring


A truly impressive and stylish head ring, destined to be one of your new heavy head favorites.


Watch it sparkle and produce a slowly evolving range of hues across the entire color spectrum.




LOTR Glans Ring
LOTR Glans Ring


The ONE RING inscription etched in black all the way around makes it a truly precious glans ring.