It's An Expression!

Each ring in our designer collection offers a unique visual impression. When the time is right, it will be an ingenious display of personal style and appreciation. It could become a special occasion. But should no occasion arise, the private pleasure and self-assurance that only this most intimate of body jewelry offers, will be no less appreciable.

Biohazard Glans Ring Blue Ripple Cock and Head Bands
Biohazard Glans RingBlue Ripple Cock and Head Bands


Slip on this toxic temptor to showcase your radioactive dick.


Classy, uncomplicated style offers maximum appeal, with an edgy, mouthwatering appearance. 



Designer Accent SS Head Rings Gold LOTR Glans Ring
Designer Accent SS Head RingsGold LOTR Glans Ring


With sophistication, comfort, and rugged visual appeal, these designer accents continue to shine as enduring favorites.


With the ONE RING inscription etched all the way around, could this be THE precious glans ring?



HMO Logo Head Ring Tribal Twist Glans Ring
HMO Logo Head RingTribal Twist Glans Ring


The head band for the Hard Man who appreciates pleasure and appeal, and always reaches for his highest potential. 


A majestic head ring style that pays homage to the rich tribal culture of the Celtics.



Gold Serpent Glans Ring Alien Skull Head & Shaft Rings
Gold Serpent Glans RingAlien Skull Head & Shaft Rings


Sensual and aesthetic jewelry to adorn your phallus, giving rise to its serpent power and vitality.


Quiver from the celestial power of aliens, as eleven alien skeleton head skulls squeeze your glans.




Rainbow Glans Ring Brushed Stainless Steel Head/Shaft Rings
Rainbow Glans RingBrushed Stainless Steel Head/Shaft Rings


Showcase your head with color and feel exciting rainbow tugs all the time you're wearing it.


Expertly machined and proudly made in the USA.




Gold Dragon Scales Head Ring Brushed Aluminum Head/Shaft Rings
Gold Dragon Scales Head RingBrushed Aluminum Head/Shaft Rings


Premium glans head ring jewelry expertly detailed and engraved entirely by hand.


Visually elegant, and the super light weight offers minimal interference when your penis takes on a life of its own.



Gold Cobra Glans Head/Shaft Ring Chain Link Head Ring
Gold Cobra Glans Head/Shaft RingChain Link Head Ring


Highly detailed and dramatic, the golden serpent comes alive as you uncoil.


Its industrial engine finish will turn your whole shaft into a raging machine.



Cobra Glans Head Ring Sparko Glans Ring
Cobra Glans Head RingSparko Glans Ring


Highly detailed and dramatic, for an exotic presence achievable with no other ring.


Watch it sparkle and produce a slowly evolving range of hues across the entire color spectrum.




Heavy Tire Head Ring Crown Glans Ring
Heavy Tire Head RingCrown Glans Ring


An industrial heavy weight to keep you on track for a super strong tug and extra traction!


Place this kingly crown over your glans head, and rule!




Spiked Glans Ring Dragon Scales Glans Ring
Spiked Glans RingDragon Scales Glans Ring


Ready to explore some delicious penis pleasure/pain sensations? Wait till these spikes penetrate tender flesh!


Engraved entirely by hand, it will make your head stand out as a true beast of legend.




Dual Viper Glans Ring Razor Glans Head Ring
Dual Viper Glans RingRazor Glans Head Ring


Dueling snake heads that dazzle, perform and enhance.


A hot, delicious edge as the lazer cuts outline and imprint on your flesh.




GALAXY Head and Shaft Donut Rings Love Glow Glans Ring
GALAXY Head and Shaft Donut RingsLove Glow Glans Ring


Ultra-polished stainless steel donuts make your shaft shine with all the lights of the galaxy.


Your head glows in the dark with flourescent love when you wear this exciting new ring.




Embracer Glans Head Ring LOTR Glans Ring
Embracer Glans Head RingLOTR Glans Ring


Need a hug? Or maybe two tiny hands securely holding your penis head?


The ONE RING inscription etched in black all the way around makes it a truly precious glans ring.




Dragon Glans Ring Chain Gang Cock Cage
Dragon Glans RingChain Gang Cock Cage


A unique artistic design, available in a stainless steel version, or in 24K gold plate.


A stunning bondage look that grabs attention from any angle.