Designer Accent SS Head Rings

Designer Accent SS Head Rings

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Stainless steel glans head bands have become a most popular, even standard accessory for men. Many designs are available, but these designer accents stand out as an enduring favorite. They have one or two premium nitrile O-rings inlaid in a groove that is machined around the outside wall. This adds rugged visual appeal and a new dimension to your ring collection. Incidentally the O-rings are a helpful hand grip too, whenever you're putting it on or moving it around.

We like the way they perfectly match the brushed designer accent cock rings. When it comes to coodinated genital jewelry, these two combine to make a rugged designer package that's unbeatable. You can choose a single, double or triple cock ring and then pair it with either a single or double accent head band. Needless to say they look awesome stacked too.

These head bands are great to wear alone as well. All the edges are fully smoothed out for comfort. Their thick 3mm walls provide enough weight for a a generous tug you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. The single accents are about 1/2" wide and weigh around 40 to 50 grams. The doubles are around 5/8" wide and weight 50 to 60 grams.

They're tough, ready for action, and made to last well into the century. The inlaid nitrile O-rings are very durable too, but if anything should ever happen to them we'll gladly send replacements to easily snap on yourself, absolutely free.

If you're wearing rugged you're looking rugged and you're feeling rugged. That's a good thing. So wear a rugged designer that's comfortable and sophisticated too. A rugged performance is certain to follow.






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