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Polished Chrome Band Cock Rings Ultra Mag Hinged Cock Ring
Polished Chrome Band Cock RingsUltra Mag Hinged Cock Ring


The lustrous mirror finish and clean styling forge a commanding presence you can't ignore.


It's a stainless steel beast! The unique design features a stylish hinge mechanism and strong magnetic clasp.




Heavy Chrome Donut Ring HMO Logo Head Ring
Heavy Chrome Donut RingHMO Logo Head Ring


Bright, bold and an HMO perennial favorite from day one. Every hard man wants one!


The head band for the Hard Man who appreciates pleasure and appeal, and always reaches for his highest potential. 




Chrome Power Bead Rings Greek Key Glans Head Ring
Chrome Power Bead RingsGreek Key Glans Head Ring


Discontinued - Add this classic to your collection today before they are gone for good.


Empower your head with a classic Greek design, superior taste, and a token of your never ending virility.





Blue Grooves Cock Ring Dual Glans Head Ring with Ball
Blue Grooves Cock RingDual Glans Head Ring with Ball


Deep grooves allow for easy handling and give this band style cock ring an elegant, easy-on-the-eyes appearance.


Dual balls for intensely pleasurable sensations created by pressure on the frenulum. 



Apex Glans Head Ring SS Multi-Fun Wand
Apex Glans Head RingSS Multi-Fun Wand


Grab an Apex and see if it isn't the perfect crown to pleasure your cock head.


A true pleasure probe, superb for G-spot or prostate stimulation and tugging.




Corona Eclipse Head Band Birdcage Ball Stretcher
Corona Eclipse Head BandBirdcage Ball Stretcher


For lightweight tugs all day you can't go wrong with this super hot, wider version of the Corona.



As practical as it is elegant, It will elevate you to an elite class of ball stretching enthusiasts.




The Prisoner Cock Ring / Ball Stretcher Black Magna-Chute Ball Stretcher
The Prisoner Cock Ring / Ball StretcherBlack Magna-Chute Ball Stretcher


Cock ring or ball stretcher, it's the must have classic for all cock and ball enthusiasts.


The ergonomic design of the Magna-Chute stretcher makes it different from all the rest.




Custom Spiral Orbit Ring Deluxe Leather Jockstrap
Custom Spiral Orbit RingDeluxe Leather Jockstrap


Only here - create your own exotic spiral ring and experience head-spinning sensations.


Heavy black leather with dual stripes and a full front zip fly.




Titanium Black Bellowed SS Cock Ring Titanium Black Chief SS Cock Ring
Titanium Black Bellowed SS Cock RingTitanium Black Chief SS Cock Ring


When your're ready to go black, start your journey with this titanium beauty.


Wide and rugged, with maximum shine and an uber-power grip on your package.



Titanium Black Ribbed SS Cock Ring Blue Wave Donut Cock Rings
Titanium Black Ribbed SS Cock RingBlue Wave Donut Cock Rings


Dances with reflected light while providing great grip control during boot-up or adjustment.


Wear this stunning two tone attention grabber, and you'll be flashing them more than just your hot cock.




Greek Key Cock Ring
Greek Key Cock Ring


The impressive show will be exceeded only by your slow, ecstatic release as you undulate and meander like a valiant Greek god.