Custom Orbital Ball Rings
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Custom Orbital Ball Rings

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 Custom Orbitals

HMO Exclusive

Design your glans/shaft ring with the number of balls you want. Rotate them around the ring to where you like. Want some extra force on the frenulum? Simply spin one or more balls around to that position.

With sizes up to 40mm, you can also wear one or more rings on your penile shaft or around the testicles. One ball is stationary on the ring, but you can position the remaining balls exactly where you desire, for just the right pressure, pleasure or creative visual expression.

A ring starts with a weight of 4 to 8 grams, depending on the size. Each ball is 10mm in diameter, adds 3 grams, and incrementally reduces the amount of space inside the ring. Keep that in mind when choosing your ring size. For example, if the maximum number of 9 balls were added to a 28mm ring, the inside diameter would be reduced to about 20mm. 

Ring Size I.D.Max. Number of BallsI.D. with Max. Balls Added
        22½mm        7 Balls       15mm
25 8


28 9


30 10


32 11


35 12


40 14


Choose no more than the maximum number of balls for your ring size. If you choose a larger number, the extra balls will be included, but will not be on the ring!

Our Custom Orbital Ball Rings are made in house, so there's no waiting time on these as long as our current stock remains. Order early to avoid disappointment.

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