Custom Gates of Hell

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We redesigned a classic cock bondage tool, making it incredibly fun and versatile. Thanks to the snaps on top of the genuine leather strap, you can change out all 5 rings for a perfect fit all along the shaft, at the head and behind the balls too. Purchase the leather strap here, then decide which style, color and size you want for each slot:

Soft Touch Silicone Rings

Hard Red Silicone Rings

Hard Buna Nitrile Rings

Classic Stainless Steel Wire Rings

Custom Orbital Ball SS Rings

Any ring up to 6mm in wire diameter will work.

Our soft touch silicone rings are a great way to start with a Gates of Hell, so we also offer one ready made for you in a single color of your choice. Sizes included will be 50, 40, 35, 35 and 30mm inside diameters. You can always change out any or all of them for a different size, color or style, whenever you want.

There's also a convenient attachment d-ring at the head. Use it to hang a weight to stretch and elongate the shaft. Or attach a leash or anything else you might like.

Get busy with your favorite cock and custom create a perfectly sweet Gates of Hell.


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