Greek Key Cock Ring Greek Key Glans Head Ring
Greek Key Cock RingGreek Key Glans Head Ring


The impressive show will be exceeded only by your slow, ecstatic release as you undulate and meander like a valiant Greek god.


Empower your head with a classic Greek design, superior taste, and a token of your never ending virility.






Blue Wave Donut Cock Rings Chrome Power Bead Rings
Blue Wave Donut Cock RingsChrome Power Bead Rings


Wear this stunning two tone attention grabber, and you'll be flashing them more than just your hot cock.


Discontinued - Add this classic to your collection today before they are gone for good.






Magnum Donut Cock Rings Stainless Steel Torque Cock Ring
Magnum Donut Cock RingsStainless Steel Torque Cock Ring


Comfort and convenience in a donut style, with an elegant brushed or polished steel finish.


An unusual shape equals a refined "man and machine" statement.





Leather Puppy Paw Paddle Quadrail
Leather Puppy Paw PaddleQuadrail


Leave a lasting (big paw) impression no bad boy or girl can ignore.


The ultimate power band is our heaviest ever non-magnetic cock ring.





Alien Skull Head & Shaft Rings Classic Stainless Steel Wire Cock Rings
Alien Skull Head & Shaft RingsClassic Stainless Steel Wire Cock Rings


Quiver from the celestial power of aliens, as eleven alien skeleton head skulls squeeze your glans.


4 Gauges, 6 Sizes Each. CLOSEOUT:  All 5mm wires are reduced to $7.99, about half the usual price.




Classic Etched Stainless Steel Cock Rings Red's Leather Spiked Cock Strap
Classic Etched Stainless Steel Cock RingsRed's Leather Spiked Cock Strap


Simple elegance and distinctive metal etching. The perfect classic.


Handcrafted in the USA from the finest leather, out of production, only a few left.






Basic Stainless Steel Wire Rings The Protruder Ball Lifter Cock Strap
Basic Stainless Steel Wire RingsThe Protruder Ball Lifter Cock Strap

Good rings for utility use and sizing.


All in one enhancer, athletic balls supporter and comfortable cock strap.





Cellblock 13 Viper II Thong Biker Chain Cock Ring
Cellblock 13 Viper II ThongBiker Chain Cock Ring


The rugged appearance and smooth style evoke feelings of masculinity and machismo.


You'll absolutely ride hard in all gears. But don't put it away wet.