Get Your Head Ring On!


Designed to fit just over the coronal crown of the penis, glans(head) rings are the epitome of exotic fun, form and function. They enhance, they energize, and they're amazingly versatile. Choose the proper ring and you can create compelling visuals, expedite an erection, restrain a climax, elongate your shaft or produce pleasurable hugs and tugs. Here's how to select the ones that work best for you.


By constricting blood flow, a head ring makes the glans larger, firmer and more receptive to stimulation. Even if you're otherwise satisfied with the quality of your erections, a glans ring can enhance your sexual experience by making the head more engorged and sensitive. 


On the underside of the penis where the glans head and penile shaft meet, is a nerve sensitive "sweet spot" known as the frenulum. Wire glans rings, especially those with balls or pressure points are designed to target and energize this region, producing exquisite sensations that often lead to an intense orgasm.



A nearly opposite effect is achieved when wearing a broader, band style ring. It effectively shields the frenulum from stimulation, allowing you to extend your session, delay ejaculation and enjoy your erection longer.

Corona Eclipse Head Band Classic SS Wire Head and Shaft Rings
Corona Eclipse Head BandClassic SS Wire Head and Shaft Rings


For lightweight tugs all day you can't go wrong with this super hot, wider version of the Corona.



Essential, back-to-basic wire, available in 3 guages.







Whether an unobtrusive wire or a bold, dramatic designer band, a head ring has a compelling visual impact. It's a valuable tool to empower self-expression, boost self-confidence and garner admiration from every viewing angle.


Heavy head rings provide pleasurable traction while training and lengthening the penis to reach your desired goal. We have the heaviest bands and donuts you'll find anywhere, in sizes to fit every man's head. Stack additional rings on the shaft for an even greater effect.



A glans ring feels sensational on an uncut penis too. Wires and Corona head bands work especially well for this. While it is often enjoyed with the foreskin rolled up and over the band, rings can also be used to help keep a loose foreskin retracted.



Thin wires and lightweight steel and aluminum bands allow for a fast response to stimulation. They will be your head's best friends when you want less constraint as an elevation develops, or whenever you feel like carrying a lighter load. 



Experience Your Head

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