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The best cock rings and male sex tools are made from high grade metals. Variations of rubber and plastic might be cheap and readily available, but are often ineffective and offer little in the way of quality, durability or aesthetics. You wouldn't normally wear them elsewhere on the body, and they are especially out of place around the genitals. The magic created when "metal meets flesh" simply cannot be duplicated.

Stainless steel has proven to be the best choice. Included in its metal mix is chromium, which provides unique corrosion resistant properties. Stainless steel is also superior hygienically and has an easily maintained attractive appearance. In higher grades it's a lifetime investment with a long term value far outweighing the initial higher cost.

Other materials can make excellent cock rings as well, each with a distinct advantage. Aluminum is excellent when a lighter weight is preferred. Brass, hardwood and leather provide a more earthy, natural feel. High quality chrome steel is sometimes a lower cost alternative to stainless steel. Silicone is pliable and offers a soft touch.



For cock rings there are three basic design concepts - donuts, bands and wires. Donuts are often chosen for their awesome appearance and weight. Bands provide a secure and solid grip. Wires can be easier to use and stack. Here's a look at each in our stainless steel versions:



                            Donuts                                               Bands                                               Wires


Learn about the different variations and styles of cock rings at the bottom of this page.


    Conventional cock rings are designed to be worn against the body, encircling both the penis and balls. But there are other ways to wear rings as well. One or more can be worn on the glans head, at the base of the penis, on the penile shaft, or around the testicles.

    Glans head rings are designed to enlarge and stimulate the penis head. Or they can be worn simply for their decorative style. And the heavier ones are increasingly popular tools to elongate the shaft and create pleasurable traction on the penis. Visit our head and shaft rings page to learn more.

    Rings that stretch and constrict the balls are also very popular. Our ball stretchers page has more information about them.

    Any of these designs can be worn together, separately or in conjunction with a conventional cock rings. Experimentation will likely reward you with a new ecstatic experience and/or exotic appearance.

    Finally, there are cock and ball cages. These unique designs combine two, three or more rings into a single unit that creates multiple restraints on your organs, and can result in superior erections and orgasmic pleasures.