Find Your Fit

Every hard man is uniquely endowed. One size does not fit all. At Hard Man Outfitters, our mission for over 14 years has been to help men everywhere find the best cock rings and ball stretchers, AND find the best fit. Here's how we do it:

• Our Right Fit Calculator instantly displays your size in both inches and millimeters.

We stock the widest range of sizes available in nearly every product we offer.

The HMO Right Fit Guarantee protects you in the event a sizing exchange is needed.

Several of our products can be custom ordered for a personalized fit. 

Meet The Metals

The best cock rings are made from rigid, high grade metals. Stainless steel, with it's easily maintained attractive appearance, is the enduring favorite. Forged from a mix that includes chromium, it's corrosion resistant, hypoallergenic and hygienically superior. It's often a lifetime investment with a long term value far outweighing the initial higher cost.

Brass and quality chrome alloys are viable alternatives to stainless steel, aluminum is ideal when a lighter weight ispreferred, and hardwood and leather provide an earthy, natural feel. Non-stretchable silicone or nitrile can be useful when seeking a softer, more pliable touch.

Avoid all variants of rubber, plastic, or anything that stretches. They're mostly ineffective, with little in the way of quality, durability or aesthetics. You wouldn't normally wear these elsewhere on the body, and stretchy materials in particular can be awkward and unsafe to use around the genitals. Stick with rigid rings. They're safe to use, and the magic created when "metal meets flesh" simply cannot be duplicated.

Polished Stainless Steel Donut Cock Rings Polished Stainless Steel Band Cock Rings
Polished Stainless Steel Donut Cock RingsPolished Stainless Steel Band Cock Rings


A weighty ring for maximum stimulation, a stellar performance and an awesome appearance.


A classic that provides a secure and solid grip unequalled by any other design.






 Three Basic Designs of Metal Cock Rings  


Donuts have a convex (outwardly contoured) interior surface. With their outstanding comfort and great visuals, they're a favorite for medium and heavy weight rings. 




Bands have a flat interior surface, with an exterior that can be flat or contoured. Because of their secure, unyielding grip, they are often chosen when performance is paramount.




Wires are cylindrical in shape. Ideal for stacking and useful as cock, glans, shaft or scrotal rings, their versatility makes them perfect for experimental and everyday use. 




Complete Your Collection:

Cock rings are traditionally worn against the body, encircling both the penis and balls. Explore these complementary ring styles, to wear separately or along with your cock ring.  

Glans head and shaft rings      Cock and ball cages      • Ball stretchers