Combo Cock Ring with Anal Intruder Plug SS Curved Bliss Wand
Combo Cock Ring with Anal Intruder PlugSS Curved Bliss Wand
Combines the best of both worlds into a single, dynamic double-pleasure tool.


Designed to hit the spot and release the deepest orgasmic pleasures.



The Vertex Aluminum Butt Plug imagekkk
The Vertex Aluminum Butt PlugProstate Anal Fun Plug


The smooth taper makes it easy to use while providing intense, targeted stimulation.


 Go straight to the pleasure source and take control with the best prostate massager.



SS Butt Play Plug SS Heavy Butt Plug
SS Butt Play PlugSS Heavy Butt Plug


Just the right size and shape for spirited use.


 Feel the impressive weight and stimulation of surgical quality, heavy duty 100% solid stainless steel.