Brushed Aluminum Head/Shaft Rings

Brushed Aluminum Head/Shaft Rings
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Brushed Aluminum Head and Shaft Rings

Magnificent rings for the head or shaft. Distinctive, lightweight, visually elegant. The handsome brushed finish is smooth and easy on the eyes.

The basic style is 1/2" (12.5mm) wide. For a more rugged appearance opt for the designer version, with an inlaid premium rubber accent. A third option is the 3/4" (19mm) wide with dual accents.

 All our brushed aluminum rings are precision machined in the USA from 100% solid aerospace-qualtiy billet aluminum. These are the ultimate in decorative wear for your proud penis. Wear them alone, or match them with our Brushed Aluminum Band Cock Rings or our Designer Series Stainless Steel Cock Rings. 

All styles are 4.75mm (3/16 inch) thick, and each is available in five sizes, including the new 7/8" size. On your shaft, on your head, or on both, they're comfortable and impressive. Your penis will be utterly admired.

Size 1-1/8" plain and size 7/8" double accent are out of stock, subject to backorder if you order one.

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