Birdcage Ball Stretcher

Birdcage Ball Stretcher

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The Birdcage is a awesome sight to behold, even more so when your balls are enclosed inside and its enormous weight tugs at your imprisoned scrotum. It conveniently swings open at the hinged base to allow plenty of room to get in and out, then closes securely with a single standard allen screw and wrench, included with purchase.

  • Cage inside 80mm wide maximum  X 70mm high
  • Ring open: offset entrance about 40x45mm
  • Ring closed:35mm inside diameter x 20mm height
  • 100% solid stainless steel, highly polished, smoothed edges
  • Overall height 100mm, total weight about 620g(22 oz) 

As practical as it is elegant, this noble device will elevate you to an elite class of ball stretching enthusiasts.

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