A band is an excellent ring style for the head. It's flat interior surface assures a solid grip, giving the wearer more confidence and less concern about drop off. And since a band is wider than a wire style, it effectively shields the frenulum from overstimulation, so you can edge longer and be more in control of your orgasmic timing.  

Brushed Aluminum Head/Shaft Rings Handmade Brass Tribal Glans Rings
Brushed Aluminum Head/Shaft RingsHandmade Brass Tribal Glans Rings


Visually elegant, and the super light weight offers minimal interference when your penis takes on a life of its own.


Entrirely hand crafted, super wide, tribal rings. Only a few available.




Chain Link Head Ring SS Eclipse Head Band
Chain Link Head RingSS Eclipse Head Band


Its industrial engine finish will turn your whole shaft into a raging machine.


For lightweight tugs all day you can't go wrong with this super hot, wider version of the Corona.




SS Corona Head Band Sparko Glans Ring
SS Corona Head BandSparko Glans Ring


Marvel at how your head appears larger, mushrooming out from the ring's uber-slim and ultra-polished profile.


Watch it sparkle and produce a slowly evolving range of hues across the entire color spectrum.




Gold Dragon Scales Head Ring Anodized Aluminum Head & Shaft Rings
Gold Dragon Scales Head RingAnodized Aluminum Head & Shaft Rings


Premium glans head ring jewelry expertly detailed and engraved entirely by hand.


Super appealing, tough and durable. Ideal for long term decorative wear any time, anywhere.



Heavy Tire Head Ring Razor Glans Head Ring
Heavy Tire Head RingRazor Glans Head Ring


An industrial heavy weight to keep you on track for a super strong tug and extra traction!


A hot, delicious edge as the lazer cuts outline and imprint on your flesh.



SS Colosso Head Band Alien Skull Head & Shaft Rings
SS Colosso Head BandAlien Skull Head & Shaft Rings


Its solid presence, and the confidence this new band provides will keep you coming back.


Quiver from the celestial power of aliens, as eleven alien skeleton head skulls squeeze your glans.





C-MAX Super Head Band Rainbow Glans Ring
C-MAX Super Head BandRainbow Glans Ring


Get ready for a supremely altering tug and immediate elongation as soon as you put it on.


Showcase your head with color and feel exciting rainbow tugs all the time you're wearing it.




Brushed Stainless Steel Head/Shaft Rings Love Glow Glans Ring
Brushed Stainless Steel Head/Shaft RingsLove Glow Glans Ring


Expertly machined and proudly made in the USA.


Your head glows in the dark with flourescent love when you wear this exciting new ring.



Solid Brass Cock and Head Bands
Solid Brass Cock and Head Bands


Brushed brass bands are an investment you'll enjoy and be proud to wear anytime day or night.