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A ball stretcher is fastened around the loose skin of the scrotum to extend the hanging length of the testicles. The balls are then accentuated as they lower away from the body. Ball stretching is a safe and painless age-old practice that can be pleasurable and exciting.

    It's also good for you. Healthy sperm production, for example, requires that the testicles be a few degrees cooler than normal body temperature. They are cooler and dryer when hanging down, and better positioned for optimal function. Here are some additional benefits of ball stretching:


    Manual exercise, like testicular massage or stretching the balls with weights, is highly recommended in Chinese medicine for improved sexual health. Regular stretching promotes blood flow to the region and can stimulate production of testosterone.

    A ball stretcher triggers a highly erotic pulling sensation at the base of the penis. This natural constriction over the genital area often produces a stronger, more persistent erection.

    Swaying weighted testicles can produce dramatic thumps that arouse and excite a sexual partner. With or without a partner, it creates an exotic hands-free sensation for the wearer, and a delightful increase in ball sensitivity.


    The testicles normally retract upwards when approaching climax. A ball stretcher impedes this movement and effectively controls premature ejaculation.

    As the balls adapt to the restraint, sexual stamina increases. Users often report lengthy sexual activity culminating in intense and prolonged orgasms.



    By increasing the elongation of the scrotum, regular practice with a ball stretcher helps achieve a robust well-hung appearance. Even with genetically compact or high-riding testicles, lengthening the scrotum can improve the overall appearance and perceived size of the ball sac.

    Once the desired scrotal length is obtained, periodic maintenance sessions allow the user to enjoy a permanent body modification.


    Beginner Ball Stretching Tips

    A ball stretcher should be comfortable, but tight enough that it doesn't slip off. Visit our sizing page for help in getting a good fit.

    Start gradually, be gentle, choose carefully. Because of their convenience and ease of use, our magnetic ball stretchers are a good place to begin your search.