Apex Glans Head Ring

Apex Glans Head Ring

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There's a lot to love with the new stainless steel Apex glans ring. We start with a 10mm wide band with 2½mm thick walls, giving it just enough weight (about 15 to 20 grams) for a noticeable hug without an obtrusive load. We like how the squared interior helps hold it comfortably right where you place it

The V-shaped protrusion is designed to directly press on the frenulum. That's the oh-so-sweet spot on the underneath side where the head meets the shaft. Full-coverage protection and exciting stimulation, all at the same time!

The moderately polished finish is a nice alternative to the usual ultra-shiny vs. super-brushed choices of most other rings. Fives sizes available for a perfect fit. Grab an Apex and see if it isn't the perfect  crown to pleasure your cock head.


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